Perrine Marez, owner and designer of Bijoux Pépine

The Essence Of Bijoux Pépine 

Founded in 2013 by Perrine Marez when she was an expatriate in Canada, the Bijoux Pépine brand and its unique bohemian chic universe stood out with conceptual creations in unique shapes, textures and materials.

Thanks to a network of partner boutiques and a committed community, the originality and sensitivity of Bijoux Pépine have seduced women in Quebec, Canada and the United States. Now, with this beautiful presence in North America, whose influence is growing day by day, Bijoux Pépine has crossed the borders with the opening of a new workshop in Dunkerque, France, to conquer the hearts of French women.

Inspired by the mysticism of ancient civilizations and driven by a love of natural materials, a delicate blend of colors and original shapes, the Franco-Quebec designer developed a collection of refined and timeless jewelry that sublimates the personality of the women who wear them.

Handcrafted from spices (tumeric, red pepper, paprika) and natural powders (cocoa, matcha tea, indigo flower) crystallized in eco-friendly resin, each piece is distinguished by its originality, its history and its symbolism. All the components are made of stainless steel, because we are committed to respecting the most sensitive skins.

To be as close as possible to the daily life of active women, the creations are durable, light and bring a sparkle to every occasion. They are a sweet mix of authenticity and lightness, strength and kindness, in a unique universe that we like to share with you.

Bijoux Pépine is a responsible company on a human scale that wishes to contribute positively to its environment.

fashion still life of Bijoux Pépine jewelry
More than just accessories, they are centerpieces to dress an outfit, enhance a complexion and delight the hearts of those that wear them.


Meet Perrine, jewelry designer of Bijoux Pépine

Watch the live Instagram video below, in french, to meet Perrine, the founder and designer of the Bijoux Pépine brand. Learn more about her journey and get a glimpse of the studio, behind the scenes, where the magic of the jewelry begins. With the best natural and sustainable materials mixed with unique shapes and colors, Bijoux Pepine embraces a true and glowing authentic beauty.