5 tips to offer the perfect jewel to your teenage girl

Teenage fashion can sometimes be a bit confusing. Bijoux Pépine has noticed it can sometimes be a real challenge for many moms and grandmothers, who are looking for quality and tasteful jewelry.

Remember… adolescence is such a memorable time. It is an age of transition, marked by a need for independence as much as for a sense of belonging. A simple jewel, a novel or a particular place could bring us such a state of well-being, that we felt understood, inspired, and buoyed in our day-to-day life. It is that feeling we are thinking about when we offer you advice to pick the perfect jewelry for your teenager.

anneaux torsadés asasara


Ethical jewelry : to guide young girls towards a sustainable lifestyle

Tip # 1 : Prioritize affordable designer jewelry

A marvelous compromise between classical jewelry and costume jewelry, the jewel you will pick will be unique. Opening the door to the Arts and Culture for your teen, she will learn to recognize quality, to appreciate the charm of handmade jewelry, and to develop her own conception of aesthetics. Guiding her towards the creation of a style that is truly her own.

Tip # 2 : Favor sustainable fashion

As demonstrated by this CBC’s report, the fashion industry is excessively polluting.

Each decision that we make in our lives that is more sustainable and respectful of the environment counts. It is said that our values are better transmitted to our children through our actions than through our words … investing in an ethical jewel that will last, supporting local businesses, adopting slow-fashion, are all choices that will help to sustain the world of tomorrow. By introducing your teenager to sustainable fashion, you will encourage her to develop her critical thinking.

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Shape, size, color : Which style of jewelry should I pick for my teen?

Tip # 3 : Pick a jewel with a simple shape

When in doubt, choose a piece of jewelry that has a simple graphic shape. Minimalist and elegant lines always flatter the person wearing them. These qualities will act as a complement to your teenager’s age and her need to express her personality. A discreet design with clean lines will adjust better to an everchanging look. She will be able to wear the same jewel on many occasions and with a variety of outfits.

Tip # 4 : Choose the ideal size of jewelry

Fine, linear, the MozaïqueDiamant, and Pyramide stud earrings (the latter also available as a jewelry set with the Éclat necklace), are our go-to recommendations for teenagers of all ages.

The tiny and dainty Rose des Vents and Pinéale earrings will suit the youngest and the petite. They will bring a touch of subtle originality. 

Rose des vents- dainty earrings

For girls ages 15 and up, you can consider slightly bigger styles, such as the Asasara hoops, the Astral and Sangatte stud earrings, or some longer and more delicate designs such as the Lys hoops and the Étoile du Berger earrings.

anneaux torsadés asasara

For a girl who doesn’t wear much jewelry, hair accessories such as the Boëme barrette can be a lovely touch.

barrette à cheveux marbré noir et blanc

Tip # 5 : Select the color of the jewel with care

Does your teen already wear particular colors of jewelry and accessories? Go with the same colors, you cannot go wrong!

For a young girl whose outfits are of mostly neutral colors, black or black-and-white marbled jewels are sober and safe choices.

boucles d'oreilles wata marbré noir et blanc

For those who, on the contrary, have a very colorful wardrobe, coral red and mint green are lovely and fresh choices of color.

diamant colorful studs

If you would like to dive deeper into color harmonies, you can refer to the Bijoux Pépine Color Guide to help you make a choice.


In conclusion ...

At Bijoux Pépine, we believe that we must encourage young girls to take the time to be teenagers and to live this period of their life as peacefully as possible. By imbuing them with the value of the choices we make, by making them aware of appealing to them whilst being kinder to the environment and others, you are guiding them one more step towards a caring and fulfilling adult life.

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