8 tips to choose the perfect outfit for your jewelry

At Bijoux Pépine, we believe that the most important thing when choosing a piece of jewelry is to follow your heart. The choices you make today are in line with who you are and are guided by your experience. Listen to your desires, your heart knows!

But if you sometimes hesitate when comes the time to match them together or to your outfit, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect fit for your jewelry:


Tip #1: Show your personality through your looks

Wear jewels that resonate with you. A simple outfit and a designer jewel that caught your eye will become your own definition of elegance. From the most subtle to the most sophisticated, your jewelry will speak about you… before you do! Wear what inspires you, what best reflects your personality.

Each creation by Bijoux Pépine bears strong symbolism and results from conscientious research. From the dazzling Cancan earrings, inspired by the French Cancan dance, to the very discreet Pinéale, which embody balance and spirituality, each of you will find one that matches your true essence. And just like you, each Bijoux Pépine jewel has its uniqueness.

Tip #2: Wear big earrings with a small necklace

If you choose to wear large or long earrings, such as the CléopâtreOuroborosSéléné or Asasara, wear them without a necklace, or with a very delicate, neutral one. They will give an instant style. The simpler, the more chic.

Ouroboros statement earrings mint green color made in Quebec

Tip #3: Try wearing a big bracelet with a small ring

With a sober outfit, a big bracelet like Dihya is a sure bet. If you wish to also wear a ring, wear it on the other hand, for balance. A ring like Nil or Echo, no matter how subtle, will make all the difference in your style.

Dare to mix and match Bijoux Pépine bracelets! A St-Jacques can be worn with an Ouroboros, and why not more? In the same color, in different colors or with the Pépine chain bracelet, everything is possible.

Ouroboros bracelet with gold leaf made in Canada

Tip #4: Vary the length of your necklaces

The most imposing of our necklaces, the Couronne, is worn close to the neck. Assorted with small stud earrings such as the Rose des Vents, or even without earrings, it will be perfect.

Long necklaces like Hasard or Aurore will lengthen the silhouette, creating a long V shape that narrows the stomach and shapes the shoulder. They will go with anything and everyone. On a chic dress or a simple denim shirt, the effect will be there.

Aurore long pendant with stainless steel chain made in Verdun, Canada 

Tip #5: Dare to mix and match your jewelry

A jewelry set always has an unrivaled classic elegance, as is the case with the necklace and earrings set Candide or Rosendaël.

Candide jewelry set blue indigo color necklace kit with studs earrings

You can also feel free to mix and match your jewelry. Although it can be a good thing to keep a common ground between the jewelry you’re matching: the same color in a different design, or different colors and the same design.

 coral red jewelry

Tip #6: Use your jewelry to highlight your outfit

Small and colorful earrings like the Mozaïque and Diamant studs bring out the perfect touch to an outfit that’s visually charged: a blazer with flowers, for example, a dress with a colorful pattern, a top with twinkles, a material that’s strong and structured.

They will be appropriate in all circumstances, for professional meetings or encounters where we wish to wear a jewel while making sure that it’s well balanced.

Diamant studs earrings green forest color made in Montreal

Tip #7: Match jewels and patterns

Your dress has a very colorful flower print? Look for matching colors in the pattern, or dare a contrasting color. A flower print in pastel hues can be combined with a jewel in the same shades, or, for a more punchy effect, a stronger color like indigo. To avoid overcharging, try to limit yourself to 3 colors per outfit. You will find more tips in our Bijoux Pépine Color Guide.

Ulu statement studs earrings Lilac color made with resin in Canada 

Tip #8: Trust your fashion instincts!

Have fun, and be free in the exploration of your style. There are no limits, except for those we give ourselves. Dare to fully live according to those inspirations that guide you; they have a reason to be, and they will give it back to you a hundredfold. Your style belongs to you!

Nil ring beige and pastel pink color made with stainless steel

Have you recently bought a creation by Bijoux Pépine?

Your advice means a lot to us! Your comments touch us and encourage us to surpass ourselves and give you the best. Leave us a comment below:

-Which design did you buy, in which color?

-Was it for a special occasion? (A wedding, a night out, to offer as a gift?)

-What outfit(s) do you wear it with? Inspire us!


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