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Do you dream of unique jewelry pieces? Jewelry that speaks to your soul and that you are the only one to own and wear? An exclusive piece of jewelry that is distinguished by its unicity?

Perrine, founder of Bijoux Pépine did it! Indeed, we are happy to present the collection Ulu one-of-a-kind, unique earrings with new colors and materials. A gift, for oneself or for loved ones like no other.

Read our latest interview with a designer whose imagination has no limits!

Hello Perrine, where did the idea to create these unique earrings come from?

It all starts with the way I create such jewelry as all pieces are handmade in my design studio. So, I mix natural powders that I carefully select (ginger, pepper, turmeric...) with eco-friendly resin. Then, I place this mixture in a specific mold for it to dry, afterwards I unmold the creation, I sand it and I assemble it to make the jewelry. These are the main steps of the handmade process of my jewelry collections. Each piece of jewelry is created by hand in my workshop, so all the pieces are unique but I decided to go even further in this approach of unicity.

Sometimes, in this production process or when testing new colors, I have an excess of material left over. In line with my eco-responsible and "slow fashion" vision, I try not to waste raw material and to recycle / reuse as much as possible, so, I asked myself what could I do with such leftovers?

The idea therefore occurred to me to put aside all these small surpluses and consider creating new recycled jewelry, truly unique and authentic because we all like to have jewelry that we are the only ones to wear!

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Why the choice of the Ulu earrings design for these new earrings? 

For the creation of this one-of-a-kind jewelry collection, I chose to use the molds that I created for the Ulu earrings. This model is particularly appreciated by my clients because these earrings give a pop of color and add glam to any style.

By the imposing size of the Ulu earrings, their elegance and their lightness, the mix of textures becomes very interesting and the final piece looks incredible!

A few drops here and there and the magic happens! The recycling of raw material and its reuse in a new more sustainable way made it possible to create these unique pieces which sold out in only a few hours!

Are you going to create more 100% unique jewelry collections?

Yes, I plan to create many more unique jewelry collections. I am delighted with the look of these creations, they are always handmade and they received an immediate success with customers.

Supporting eco-responsible and handmade jewelry is a choice that we can all make. I am really proud to offer my customers more sustainable jewelry without reducing the pleasure as the joy of wearing such an original piece of jewelry is simply wonderful.

The one-of-a-kind Ulu earrings are unique, there won't be any others identical to these pieces, but I will repeat the process!

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