How to choose the perfect earrings, the right ones for you!

Pendants, studs, hoops, sleepers... Stunning jewelry that lights up your face and enhances your style or discreet but essential accessories... Earrings are indeed one of our favorite pieces of jewelry that we love to wear every day.

Earrings come in all sizes, all shapes and so many colors. If you are hesitating and you don't know which pair to choose, don't panic, the Bijoux Pépine experts are here to share their advice. So, read on to learn more about our favorite types of earrings and which ones are the best to suit your face shape, your style and even your haircut. Then, find the perfect pair to fully glow and show your uniqueness and reveal your power.

Ear Studs

Studs are the most popular and beloved type of earrings. Studs are discreet, very easy to wear on a daily basis and to associate with all your outfits. Studs are situated in the earlobe, close to the skin, and  they beautify the ear with a pretty pattern, a geometric shape, a stone, a pearl...

The different kinds of ear studs are numerous and affordable. From the finest and most delicate type to bright, colorful and confident studs, it is very easy to have several pairs in order to wear them according to your mood and your desires.

Moreover, studs fit perfectly all types of face shapes and indeed they will make an impact whatever the occasion, so do not hesitate and treat yourself to some!

The diamond stud earrings are one of our bestsellers at Bijoux Pépine. These earrings are essential and come in many colors to match all your styles. Comfortable and light, the small diamond earrings are perfect for your daily life.

Dangle and drop earrings

This category of earrings includes all dangling earrings, this means, earrings that go beyond the earlobe down to the neck. The length varies according to the model and shape but these are indeed earrings you want to show off.

Dangle or drop earrings are amazing and creative, from exquisite and dainty to very voluminous creations, with pearls, feathers or other fantasies, dangling earrings give great freedom to express one's desires and one's style with so much elegance.

Dangling earrings with angular shapes are ideal for round faces because their length will elongate your face and make it look slimmer. On the other side, we do not recommend them for women with thin and slender faces because precisely these earrings could accentuate such features. They also go perfectly with short or tied up hairstyles.

At Bijoux Pépine, the Cléopâtre drop and dangle model is highly appreciated and recommended by many happy customers. These earrings are charming and very light, so let us know which color will you fall in love with?

Creoles and hoops

Creole earrings are one of Bijoux Pépine greatest love story ❤️! Creoles are hoops with a more or less wide diameter that delight the face and reinforce femininity.

Creole earrings are traditionally smooth and circular but today they are available according to all your desires and the creativity of the artist. There is such a wide variety of shapes with half-creoles, that is to say half hoops, but also square, wavy, rectangular, with or without patterns...

From the smallest hoops that add a remarkable touch to your outfit to more imposing variants of hoops that affirm your look, creoles are very trendy and particularly appreciated for special occasions or just to feel good on a daily basis.

For square faces or short hair, hoop earrings are ideal as they will bring softness and harmoniously balance out angular lines.

To present creole earrings, how can we not to mention our beautiful Ouroboros hoop earrings so seductive and captivating. We adore them!


Sleeper earrings are, as their name suggests, a type of earring worn in the past at night to prevent the piercing hole from closing. Of course, we recommend removing all large earrings at night to avoid damaging them or injuring yourself.

Sleeper earrings are characterized by a unique hook-shaped clasp and a rod that folds over to lock the loop in place. Today they are mainly worn during the day and very popular because they are comfy and safe.

Sleeper earrings often top the lobe with a geometric shape, small stone, bead, or pendant. The Lys flower earrings by Bijoux Pépine are beautiful earrings that you will love as they reveal your light and beauty.


Earrings are a type of jewelry that add a little dose of glamor to your outfit and help express your personality. However, they should suit harmoniously your face shape. Earrings must balance your traits and not replicate them. Also, proportions are important, ideally, their size should not exceed more than a quarter of your face.

Moreover, as a basic rule, if you choose very imposing earrings, you should not associate them with a necklace (or choose a very discreet necklace) to not overload your look and lose the power of your jewelry. In general, angular and geometric shapes induce an assertive and more serious style while rounded shapes lead to more gentleness and romanticism.

The type of earring is important to make you look best but do not ignore the raw materials necessary for its manufacture. At Bijoux Pépine, we recommend (and we create) ethical jewelry made from natural raw materials and stainless steel for its many qualities: durable, anti-allergic, water resistant...

Our last but not least advice: treat yourself or your loved ones by choosing earrings that make you or them feel amazing.

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