Our jewellery worn by celebrities

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to see our jewellery worn by several public figures. It is always a great moment for us. A privilege, a precious time that we would like to share with you here.

Our jewellery comes to life while being worn.


Karine Vanasse

Actress and producer Karine Vanasse is seen here wearing our marbled Panache earrings

These earrings are inspired by the feathers worn by North-American first nations and by those used by Renaissance writers. With strength and finesse, they add a poetic touch to the structured and graphic pattern of Karine Vanasse’s dress. 

The choice of outfit is flawless: bold and sophisticated at the same time. We simply adore it.

In this inspiring photo, Karine Vanasse wears our Lune necklace and Rose des vents earrings

The choice of colour and attention to detail is very important in this portrait. The necklace, its sky-blue tone, and its length are perfect on her V-neck and the delicately draped fabric of her top. The beige earrings bring a subtle luminous and lively touch, which illuminates her complexion even more. 

The style of this pose, and her gaze turned toward the horizon, are truly beautiful.


Catherine Trudeau

Catherine Trudeau - actress quebec canada

Catherine Trudeau wore our Cléopâtre earrings during the 2019 Gémeaux Prize ceremony

Her hair and makeup perfectly balance her chic outfit and the softness of the Cléopâtre pastel pink earrings. This colour wonderfully matches her skin tone and makes her eyes stand out even more. The harmony between her dress, her makeup, and the pastel pink Cléopâtre earrings is awe-inspiring! 


Mélanie Boulay

The singer Mélanie Boulay wears our Parfait square earrings. We like the natural beauty and the spontaneity captured by this photo. The smile of the sisters reveals their great complicity, and Mélanie’s sparkly eyes are lovely. 

We can sense the delicate patterns of her summer dress in beige and white tones. The Parfait earrings have a classic perfect-square shape and an original touch of gold leaf. They bring out a hint of creativity.

One can only smile at such a heartwarming photo. 


Vanessa Pilon

What a sparkly look for Vanessa Pilon, who is wearing our black Cléopâtre earrings!  

The colour combination is stunning: from the black of the earrings to the green of the hat, contrasting with the vivid red of her lipstick, and the graphic black-and-white striped shirt. Each accessory brings out Vanessa Pilon’s finesse, her magnificent smile, and her charisma, without ever leading the eyes away from her face. 

A lot of charm is conveyed in these photos, in a contemporary and feminine style. 

In this second look, Vanessa Pilon wears our forest green Ouroboros hoop earrings. Her short bob, the hat, and the dress together carry a timeless elegance that is lovely. 

The portrait would be very different without the earrings. The hoops make a statement by their modernity. 

We love the creative “strict-chic” of this look. Very successful!


Marie-Soleil Dion

Actress Marie-Soleil Dion is wearing our black and white marbled Ouroboros hoops. 

The different black and white contrasts in this photo are beautifully achieved. The earrings fit perfectly in this portrait. The black from the earrings wonderfully complements her eye makeup. The white is striking, even on her light-colored hair, and we can sense the delicate 24-karat gold leaf adorning the hoops. 

There is a captivating dialogue between light and dark, and this creates a very dynamic, lively style. 


Gabrielle Caron

The comedian Gabrielle Caron has honored us with this selfie by wearing our mint green Ouroboros earrings! 

Her looks, her character, and her natural loosened hair… Everything works out with the chic and bold style of our Ouroboros hoops. 

The Ouroboros earrings add a final touch to this strong and authentic outfit. We love it.


Sabrina Cournoyer

The television host of Salut Bonjour, Sabrina Cournoyer, has amazed us by wearing our beige and white ombré Cléopâtre earrings

We absolutely love this simple and refreshing summer look. Her style is both classic and unique! 

We particularly love the balance between our Cléopâtre’s intricate design and neutral tones and her pastel blue top, revealing her shoulders and her graceful posture. 


Sabrina Cournoyer, wears our Aurore necklace in this photo. Inspired by Aztec shapes, it evokes the sun and life. 

A focus on accessories, even simple ones, can easily bring a sober outfit to life. With it’s understated subtlety the Aurore necklace brings a very fashionable touch. 

Sabrina Cournoyer’s radiant smile, and her simple and bright necklace, naturally come together in this picture. Elegant and measured, this style can easily be recreated at home. 



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