Why should I choose to wear stainless steel jewelry?

Your jewelry should become a natural extension of your body and soul…

The bond we create with our jewelry is unique. Whether you wear this piece of jewelry for some special occasion or for your everyday life, this invisible intimate connection is very real.

Rings on your fingers that inspire you, earrings that boost your confidence, a necklace that spreads happiness...

Each piece of jewelry tells a unique story and brings out in yourself a little something, an event, a loved one, a memory, an emotion...

Yes, every piece of jewelry counts, even the ones you thought you had forgotten and that you find with joy in your jewelry box. So, if jewelry can have this many benefits on your mood, giving you that special smile or confidence each day, it is important that it respects your body and especially your skin.

When choosing your next piece of jewelry, the colour and shape will seduce you, but also pay attention to the materials used in its creation. Always choose natural materials that respect the environment and prefer stainless steel as this metal is the most respectful of your skin.

At Bijoux Pépine, all jewelry is handcrafted from natural materials and associated with high quality nickel-free stainless steel.

We often have questions about this metal alloy so to help you understand why you should choose stainless steel and why we use it for our designs, we suggest you read this article. Hopefully, it can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.

Handmade Jewelry in Canada

Stainless steel jewelry is incredibly long-lasting

First of all, you might be wondering, but what is stainless steel? It is a metal alloy of iron, chromium and carbon. A very solid alloy which is said to be unalterable and has a very strong built-in corrosion resistance and does not oxidize. This means it will not turn black nor leave a green deposit on your skin... Such annoying side effects of poor quality jewelry or pieces that contain nickel.

Thanks to its composition, stainless steel is robust. It leads to the creation of pieces of jewelry that resist daily aggressions and last over time with no deterioration.

One of the great advantages of stainless steel is that it is water and sweat resistant. It is highly resistant to corrosion and therefore it is a material that does not rust.

The jewelry will keep all its shine as well as its shape, it will prove to be very durable and you will be able to keep it for a long time and wear it so often!

Hypoallergenic jewelry: earrings for sensitive ears

Some skin types, in particular the most fragile, suffer from allergic reactions caused by contact with harmful substances. If your skin is sensitive or if the materials used are of poor quality, there is a risk of itching, redness and even pain.

To protect your skin, choose hypoallergenic jewelry and therefore stainless steel is the best choice since it has no nickel in it and it is this metal that is responsible for many allergic reactions.

Indeed, up to 20% of women are allergic to nickel on contact! It is therefore obviously something to avoid and not wear and definitely not have in contact with your skin.

Stainless steel jewelry, hypoallergenic earrings, necklaces, bracelets ... can therefore be worn without fear and on a daily basis since they are non-allergenic (except in very rare cases or if the correct alloy is not respected, hence the utmost importance of buying jewelry from a trusted designer).

In addition, stainless steel is a very light metal and therefore leads to the creation of very comfy jewelry to wear all day long or during special events.

Hypoallergenic earringsUnlock creativity to explore new jewelry designs

At Bijoux Pépine we love working with stainless steel!

It is a really flexible metal that blends very well with our natural powders and adapts perfectly to our artisanal manufacturing process since all Bijoux Pépine jewelry is handmade.

Stainless steel unlocks the creativity of jewelry designers, allowing us to create many many surprising designs and shapes such as poetic, harmonious and unique pieces that you will love.

The jewelry is very contemporary, creative and bright. You will thus find the perfect piece of jewelry for all your desires, your occasions and your outfits! Moreover, the price / quality ratio of stainless steel is unbeatable. The jewelry is affordable and such variety makes it possible to really treat yourself or someone you love.

A healthy and ecological material

Another quality of stainless steel is that it is very practical as thanks to its high resistance to everyday aggressions, it requires very little care and maintenance.

A stainless steel piece of jewelry is very easy to care for, a soft cloth and hot water allows your favourite pieces to sparkle and shine.

In addition to saving you such cleaning time, thanks to its longevity and composition, stainless steel is considered as the most environmentally friendly metal for jewelry making. Its production emits little carbon dioxide, it does not release nickel into the environment and it is 100% recyclable! Its durability, integrity and low environmental impact make it an excellent ecological alloy.

Combined with natural raw materials, stainless steel permits the creation of eco-responsible and ethical jewelry, good for you and for the planet.Stainless steel jewelry

Buying stainless steel jewelry is therefore the guarantee of wearing quality earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings...

Long-lasting, antiallergic, water resistant, affordable, creative, easy to clean, ecofriendly... The qualities of stainless steel are numerous and you now understand why we have chosen to use such material in our creations.

Bijoux Pépine is an eco-responsible jewelry brand and the quality of the materials used for our creations is really important for us! Offering you unique jewelry that respects your body and the environment is our raison d'être ❤.

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