5 tips to offer the perfect jewel

A special piece of jewelry for a unique person. A memory, a story, a sweet thought… that will remain. 

It can be tricky to choose a piece of jewelry that is both personal and unique, and that will suit and please the person we wish to celebrate. Here are a few tips to guide you through our collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories all handmade, to help you choose the perfect jewelry! 

Ouroboros earrings marbled black and white

#1 : Go with your first pick! 

Do you find this first tip surprising? Quite often, your first pick or the first jewel to catch your attention will be the right one! However, the following advice can help you refine your choice. 

#2 : Jewelry for all styles! Who are you offering it to? 

A gift for your loved one : 

Endless possibilities. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Our jewelry sets are particularly popular, as they offer multiple possibilities : the set worn as a whole will be very elegant. For a lighter look, the earrings or necklace can be worn by itself. You can also choose several items from our collections and offer them together by matching styles, colors and shapes as you please. 

A gift for a young girl : 

You can go with our bracelets, delicate necklaces and our smallest earrings. Click here for all of our tips to offer jewelry to a teenage girl. 

A gift for a mature woman (60+ years) : 

Our indigo blue is a favorite and shorter pendant necklaces are a classic and sober choice. 

A gift for a colleague or an acquaintance: 

Offering a bracelet or a necklace will be less personal than earrings or a ring. The intention will be more neutral, but the gesture will be greatly appreciated.

Étoile du Berger Jewelry Set indigo blue color

#3 : Does she often wear jewelry?

> Yes! 

Stay focused on her fashion tastes. Pay attention to the jewels she most often wears : - What color are they? 

- Are they discreet or conspicuous? 

- Small, medium-sized or large? 

- Are her earrings more dangling, hoops or studs? 

Then see in our collections which jewelry fit those criteria the best. 

> Occasionally! 

Try to visualize what she’s been wearing the most, lately : 

- What color is her jewelry? 

- Is it small, medium-sized, large? 

- What are the 3 colors of clothing she likes to wear the most? 

Look in our Color Guide for the best matches for the colors of her clothes and that of her jewelry. 

> Rarely! 

- Pick a necklace or a bracelet, that will be easy to wear with all sorts of outfits. Our Pépine stainless steel chain bracelet and necklace are an excellent versatile choice. 

- If she has long hair, one of our hair accessories such as the Boëme barrette or the Lys hairpins can be a pretty and practical gift. 

- If she wears jewelry for special occasions (evenings out, weddings, or other events), what color of dress or outfit does she wear the most on those occasions? Then refer to our Color Guide

bracelet and necklace in stainless steel

# 4 : Inspired jewelry for inspiring women 

Does she know about Bijoux Pépine? Tell her the story. 

- It is always intriguing to hear and discover what reasons made you choose a jewel by Bijoux Pépine. What made you choose a certain design? 

- We are also a part of local, ethical and responsible fashion. It is a very important value, for us and for our clientele. The respect of the materials we use, the process, our work ethics, are all aspects that resonate in our creations. 

- Our creations all carry strong symbolism. They all have a story behind them and are inspired by nature, mythology and the strength of women. What qualities of our loved one that inspire us, can be brought to life by choosing the perfect jewel ?handmade craft

# 5: Choose from our most popular jewelry. 

Are you afraid of making a mistake? 

- The uniqueness of our jewelry is to combine a naturalness with elegance.They can be worn with all styles and all outfits. Take the Cléopâtre, the Diamant or the Astral, for example, they are all very different, yet original and subtle at the same time.With a wool sweater and jeans or an evening dress, they will have a wow effect, while integrating into the look. And every piece of jewelry is like that. 

- You can also consult our “best sellers” section, which includes the favorites of our customers. Then go with the style, colors and tastes of the person you’re shopping for. 

best sellers handmade jewelry


Happy shopping! 

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