Why handmade jewelry is the best gift for Christmas… and all year round

There is always a good reason to treat yourself of your loved ones to some beautiful jewelry. For a special occasion or just to make someone happy, jewelry is a symbolic gift, the mother of all gifts. Making the right choice can be challenging when it comes to finding that ultimate gift, the one that will, without saying a word, represent a true declaration of love or friendship as it can embody the relationship you share with this person.

While looking for that perfect piece of jewelry, today we will give you your starting point: choose an independent jeweler as the jewelry will be handcrafted with authenticity and love.

To convince you (if you still need to be), we will tell you why you should without any hesitation and immediately buy more responsibly from your local artisans rather than from a chain store. 

1- Buy from local artisans and make their day!

We believe that the best reason to shop locally is to help (us and all artisans so passionate about what they do) make a living from our profession, from our passion. Behind a local brand like Bijoux Pépine there is Perrine, a passionate designer who will always be glad to chat with you, let you into her creative world, her inspiration and her ideas. She may share with you her secrets, how she selects natural materials, all about the jewelry creation process and she will always be available to help you to choose the best jewelry or in case of a problem (a return, an exchange...) so this is real and great customer service!

Supporting local artisans therefore means building real human relationships and allowing local and artisanal vendors to perpetuate and promote their unique know-how. As it is precisely thanks to this know-how that you can wear such unique handcrafted jewelry, full of sincerity and authenticity, of superior and durable quality.

So instead of contributing to the enrichment of big faceless corporations, think of your local creators, meet them to find out who you are really buying from. This allows you to recreate connections, and it feels so good!

The artisans will truly appreciate your gesture and will be delighted to meet you, present their work and to introduce you to other creators, all so passionate and bold, many beautiful surprises await ahead. 

2- Support your local economy

When you buy from local artisans and designers, you contribute to a local and more sustainable economy. Indeed, buying local is a great commitment that means you participate in maintaining and creating jobs as well as local businesses that are so essential for our daily lives even more during this period marked by the Covid19 pandemic. Money is kept in the community and therefore helps it grow.

As with such actions you really contribute to the development of your community and your neighborhood, you can be proud of it! Shopping locally and encouraging local creators, strengthens social ties, perpetuates know-how and allows small businesses to flourish inside their communities. A virtuous circle to be reinforced. 

shop jewelry locally

3- Treat your loved ones to a unique long-lasting gift

What better way to truly impress your loved ones than to find a gift that will reflect their unique personality? Indeed, local artisans are acclaimed for their creativity and ingenuity, thanks to them, it is possible to offer truly one-of-a-kind experiences or products.

When designing her jewelry, Perrine finds her inspiration in the mysticism of ancient civilizations, she experiments with various blends of natural powders and shapes to create amazing designs, textures and tones. With an artisanal and handmade manufacturing process, each piece (each necklace, each earring, each bracelet ...) is carefully designed and is unique.

This small-scale production makes so much more sense, it brings one back the essentials of creation and thus allows the quality of the finished products to be enhanced.

Choosing gifts for loved ones from a local designer means you choose to offer a gift that has real value and deep symbolism. 

4- Act (and buy) with a more sustainable behaviour

Buying from local artisans will save you precious time. Instead of losing yourself in the countless catalogs of large industrial productions with such standardized style, by choosing handcrafted jewelry the number of choices will perhaps be less numerous, but the products will be of far better quality and certainly of a more ethical making.

Turning to local designers may be your first steps towards a “slow fashion” process and contributing to a more responsible fashion industry. Indeed, having a more sustainable behaviour to start creating positive impacts around you begins with this decision to promote a more local and small-scale production.

With such great quality and symbolic creations, our artisanal jewelry will bring you happiness and joy for a very long time!

5- Save the planet

Beyond the quality of handmade jewelry, shopping locally and buying directly from artisans is good for the planet as such choice greatly limits the environmental impact of the products.

By reducing the distances between raw materials, the production of the product and its point of sale, local designers generate much less pollution and waste partly linked to various packaging.

In addition, at Bijoux Pépine, as an independent jeweler we select our materials responsibly inside a short circuit. This is why all our jewelry is made from natural powers, eco-friendly resin and combined with nickel-free stainless steel. What is good for the planet is good for you and at Bijoux Pépine we love this!

With our 5 good reasons to treat yourself and loved ones to handcrafted jewelry all year round, we hope to have convinced you to make the right choice: support real people, make a difference in their life and always prefer quality over quantity!


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